Removing warts - which path to choose and how dangerous is it?

Warts are benign neoplasms that appear on the skin, less frequently on mucous membranes, due to infection of the body with human papillomavirus.

Virus infection in this group occurs through contact with an infected person or household items. Most of the time, warts are a purely cosmetic defect.In rare cases, they can cause inflammation or other unpleasant complications.

For people who have found these unpleasant defects in themselves, the real question is whether it is necessary to remove the warts and also how to do it quickly and painlessly.The need to remove accumulations is strictly determined by a specialist as part of a professional examination.As for removal methods, today there are many methods available and effective to get rid of neoplasms in one session.

Laser removal

Laser wart removal

Today, the most effective, quick and painless way is to remove warts with a laser.The main advantage of this method is the speed of the procedure and the ability to remove large or multiple neoplasms at the same time. Especially often, this method of eliminating warts is chosen for the treatment of young children and pregnant women.

The session takes a minimum of time, after that the patient does not need to stay in the hospital. However, before you burn a wart in this way, you should definitely consult your doctor. In addition, the specialist will determine the ideal type of procedure.

There are only three options:

  • CO2 laser. It implies the effect of infrared radiation on the wart, which literally evaporates the liquid from the growth tissue. This removal option is the most traumatic.
  • Pulse. It has a destructive effect on neoplasia capillaries.
  • Erbium. It also involves removing accumulated tissue using infrared radiation.

Topical anesthetics are necessary to remove large growths with deep roots, such as those found in plantar growths.

How the procedure is performed

The algorithm for burning laser warts is quite simple. After the patient has undergone a mandatory examination by the attending physician and an appointment is made, the specialist performs the following actions, the main task of which is to remove the wart:

  • Most patients are interested in whether it is painful to remove warts with a laser. In some cases, the procedure can actually deliver very unpleasant sensations, respectively, before the session, it is necessary to use local anesthetics.
  • In addition, light radiation is directed towards growth, which, exerting a thermal effect on the wart, literally burns it.Healthy tissues are unaffected, as laser therapy is characterized by greater precision.

One of the indisputable advantages of the procedure is the complete healing of tissues, excluding the appearance of scars and scars.

Indications and contraindications

The use of laser therapy is the best option to remove all types of warts. However, there are certain cases where a doctor may recommend using a different method.As a rule, tumors that are prone to malignant transformation are among the exceptions.In these situations, removal involves mandatory subsequent histological examination of the tissues, which is not possible with laser therapy.

Childhood and pregnancy are also not contraindications for the removal of neoplasms with laser radiation.Wart before and after removalHowever, the need for a procedure when warts are detected in a woman during pregnancy is determined by the doctor individually.


Recommendations for skin care after tumor removal are more than simple: you must exclude any impact on the crust that forms after the session. It is not recommended to treat warts with anything after cauterization, use care cosmetics or other means. After complete restoration of the tissue, the crust will disappear on its own.

Cost of the procedure

So, how much does it cost to remove a mole with a laser? Prices for laser wart removal can vary significantly. Factors such as size, number of lesions and the area of ​​their location are the defining aspects.For example, removing a small buildup that does not exceed a millimeter in diameter is very cheap. The cost of a session to remove deep warts can be higher.

Other ways

As mentioned above, laser therapy is the most effective and gentle way to remove skin lesions. However, there are other methods of removing warts that are somewhat less popular.The choice of the ideal variant in a particular clinical case is made by the specialistCauterization of a wart with liquid nitrogenafter the patient's examination and diagnostic procedures.


The easiest method to remove tumors is to cauterize the warts with liquid nitrogen or cryosurgery. This method is great for removing pending growths that have no roots and allows you to remove those growths in one session. However, eliminating large warts may require two or more treatments.Furthermore, treatment in these cases is quite painful.It should also be noted that nitrogen moxibustion carries the risk of affecting healthy tissue, which can cause scarring.

Radio waves

Removal of warts using the radio wave method is one of the most highly effective procedures currently required.A significant drawback to this method is more than high cost.The procedure allows you to get rid of big growths as well as groups of formations in one session.

The principle of radio wave therapy is the use of a special device called a radio knife, which converts electrical current into radio waves that directly affect the affected tissue.The main advantage of this technique is the absence of the risk of damaging healthy tissues.In addition, after the procedure, no scars or scars remain on the skin.

Despite the safety and the sparing effect of radio waves, this method is not recommended for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes mellitus.

In addition, it is not recommended to remove skin lesions in women during pregnancy.


Electrocoagulation of warts involves exposing the tumor to alternating and constant electrical currents, which literally cauterize the existing neoplasia. The procedure is quite painful and, therefore, the session requires the use of anesthetic drugs.

The disadvantages of this method include the inability to take tissue samples for histological examination.In addition, small scars may remain on the skin after the procedure.Surgical excision of the wartPost-treatment skin care is optional.

Surgical excision

Surgical wart removal is used only when other methods are not effective, for example, if the tumors have deep roots.In addition, this method is used if it is necessary to harvest excess tissue growth for subsequent histological examination.The essence of the method is more than simple: excision of the accumulation is performed with a scalpel, after which a dressing is applied to the affected area. After the procedure, visible scars remain on the skin.


To remove small warts, it is perfectly possible to use the tools that are usually present in all home medicine cabinets. However, to avoid damage to healthy tissue, you should still perform this type of procedure at a medical institution.

There are many different drugs that can help to eliminate neoplasms quite simply. For example, you can choose salicylic acid, which gradually breaks down the build-up.

This substance is the main component of many medicines. To remove warts, apply the selected product to its surface at least three times a day.

It should be remembered that the choice of the appropriate method for the treatment of warts should only be made under the guidance of a specialist.Independence in this case can lead to extremely negative consequences.It is especially important to see a doctor if the existing neoplasms are growing rapidly or if there is an increase in their number. This aspect may indicate the malignant nature of skin growths.