Warts - Remedies for Treatment with Popular Medicines and Methods

A wart found on the body is not a cause for worry and anxiety. This nuisance can be resolved even if it happened to your child. At any pharmacy, you'll find a wide variety of remedies for warts - there are special preparations, ointments, creams that help remove those nasty patches of skin. You can try using popular methods that have been proven for centuries, the effectiveness of which has been proven by our great-grandmothers.

what are warts

Before choosing the right remedy for your treatment, it is important to understand that the skin lesions you encounter are warts. What does it look like, what are the differences of papillomas, molluscs, moles? Warts are small nodular growths of viral origin. As a rule, they form on the skin of the hands and feet and tend to grow quickly (see photo below).

The virus carrier may not be aware of his illness - external manifestations tend to appear when immunity is weakened or during hormonal changes (in children - during adolescence) and may disappear by themselves. For other reasons, doctors include:

  • excessive dryness or excessive moisture of the skin;
  • frequent skin lesions on hands;
  • vitamin deficiency in the diet;
  • non-compliance with hygiene rules.

In most cases, the growths do not bother the patient at all, they do not itch or hurt. However, it is necessary to fight the virus, as it is not just an aesthetic problem. Any skin formations of a benign nature may, in advanced cases, not only bring many practical inconveniences to the patient, but also cause the appearance of malignant formations. Timely started treatment helps to quickly get rid of this scourge.

wart on finger how to treat

Wart Remedies

Medicine offers a wide range of various treatments - ointments, creams, drops, antivirals and immunostimulants, even special patches. Tumors can be surgically removed - today, many aesthetic medicine centers provide the service of cauterizing tumors with liquid nitrogen.

If large areas of skin tissue are affected, you should definitely seek medical help to select the most effective course of treatment. Often, in such a situation, treatment is prescribed, including immunomodulators (to stimulate the immune system), a course of vitamins, and a local antiviral agent.

Medicine for warts and papillomas at the pharmacy

You can buy a medicine for warts and papillomas at a pharmacy without a prescription. These drugs are:

  • iodine and castor oil;
  • special ointments;
  • special antiviral creams;
  • oily solutions;
  • pencil pencil - an alkaline agent with a cauterizing effect, based on silver nitrate;
  • for oral administration - tablets;
  • cryopreparations.

When deciding which treatment method to choose, pay attention not just to the drug's active ingredient. According to the method of exposure, all funds are divided into:

  • immunomodulatory drugs;
  • necrotizing;
  • keratolytic;
  • freezing of cryopreparations.

Before using drugs with a necrotizing effect, read the instructions - avoid placing the product on uninfected areas of the skin to avoid burns and scarring. Treat the area around the buildup with petroleum jelly before applying. Rinse untreated areas of skin with running water immediately if medication accidentally spills over them. You should not use this group of medications to remove skin neoplasms from the face.

castor oil for warts


Why is it preferable to choose ointments for treatment? They are more convenient to use than oily solutions or gels as they are better absorbed, eventually penetrating the deeper layers of skin tissue. Therefore, they more effectively deal not only with external manifestations, but also prevent the virus from multiplying at the intracellular level. This simple remedy for papillomas and warts can be purchased at any pharmacy.

oxolin ointment

Three percent oxoline wart ointment not only kills the virus in the affected cells, but also protects healthy cells from spreading. The product is applied to the tumor itself and to the skin around three to four times a day. The effectiveness of the application is increased if, before applying the drug, the growth on the skin is sprayed and dead surface areas are removed.

The duration of treatment will be from several weeks to two months. The main advantage of oxolinic ointment is its safe use - it can be prescribed for children and pregnant women; the agent is removed from tissues throughout the day. If you want a quick recovery, choose a fast-acting HPV infection treatment.

salicylic ointment

Another widely known active agent is salicylic wart ointment. It is applied to plants once a day, the volume not exceeding one gram per day; prior to processing, dead particles from the formation are removed and then a sterile bandage is applied. The application is continued until the buildup completely disappears. As a general rule, this is a lengthy process that takes 30 days. The ointment is not prescribed for the removal of papillomas from the skin of the face, for babies, for violations of the kidneys, in treatment for diabetes mellitus.

Medicine for papillomas and warts

In addition to medications for external use, your doctor may prescribe medications for papillomas and warts in the form of capsules. In this way, two mechanisms to combat the problem are combined - antiviral and immunomodulatory. They produce special tablets against HPV, their reception is combined with the use of creams and ointments with an immunostimulating effect. On the other hand, if you are prescribed an antiviral ointment, the immunomodulator will be prescribed in pill form.

antiviral drugs

There are special antiviral medications in pill form, which are prescribed alongside the course of external use. When taking antiviral drugs, immunomodulatory agents are often prescribed to prevent the resurgence of the virus. These are pills and ointments that are used up to two weeks after the skin cancer has disappeared.


You can use specific wart creams to treat HPV infections. The drugs affect the virus at the intracellular level and prevent it from multiplying.

Freezing preparations

The simplest and most effective means of removing skin neoplasms are preparations to freeze warts. Cryopreparations are produced in the form of sprays and are convenient for practical use - no preliminary preparation is necessary, such as spraying the skin. The main thing is to correctly diagnose the growth, as such drugs should not be used against molluscs or moles.


Necrotizing agents are usually available as a wart solution. The active substances in its composition cauterize the neoplasm - that's why its use requires precision. Prior to removal, the growths are steamed and then gently lubricated with a toxic solution. As a general rule, the procedure should be repeated up to ten times to remove a skin lesion.


Among wart drops, a popular medicine containing salicylic and lactic acid, the active ingredient polidocanol, is characterized by excellent analyses. The product has a pungent odor, effectively exfoliates skin neoplasms, has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. The standard course of treatment is continued for a week, the drug is applied to the tumors once a day.

Plaster for the treatment of plantar and common warts

Recently, special plasters have appeared for the treatment of plantar and common warts. The mechanism of action is simple - a piece of plaster is glued into the skin formation for a day or two. After removal of the adhesive, the skin is vaporized, the dead areas of the neoplasm are removed. These actions are repeated until the buildup is completely rejected. Most of the reviews on the use of this remedy are positive, it is sold in pharmacies at an affordable price.

folk remedies

In addition to medications, folk remedies for warts are also effective. Time-tested recipes can sometimes help better than the latest pharmaceutical developments. The most popular ones that really work are:

  • juice from the stem of celandine during the flowering period;
  • crushed leaves of Kalanchoe;
  • onion garlic;
  • milkweed infusion for smoking neoplasms.