Treatment of papillomas at home and clinics: medicines and folk remedies

Doctors recommend removing all skin neoplasms, explaining this by the fact thatelimination (destruction) will prevent the spread of the papillomavirus between people and prevent the development of possible complications.

However, it is up to each one to decide whether or not to remove the papilloma.

But there are conditions in which the removal of the papillomas should be done as soon as possible. These include:

  • Papilloma infection after injury with the development of bacterial inflammation;
  • Changes in the appearance of the wart: deformation, ulceration, spontaneous caries, indicating its possible malignancy (degeneration of benign cells into malignant cells);
  • The presence of genital warts in the anogenital region, even without detection of oncogenic types of HPV.

Features of the treatment of papillomas

The difference in the treatment of papillomavirus manifestations occurs only with the development of genital warts in the perineum and genital region. In case of damage to other parts of the body, all methods and means are identical: physical removal of papillomas with the concomitant use of antiviral and immunostimulant treatment.

Histological examination of papilloma tissues for the presence of malignant cells

Before removing the papilloma, it is necessary to examine the tissues for the presence of malignant cells.

Treatment of papillomas in women

When the skin of the lips and perineum is affected, the methods of removing genital warts generally do not differ from those generally accepted.. At the same time, the development of papillomas on the cervix and vaginal walls requires a special approach.

A gynecologist deals with the problems of manifestation of papilloma infection of the internal female genitals. If necessary, an appointment with an oncologist is scheduled. Drug treatment involves complex antiviral and immunostimulant therapy, which are performed only after genital warts and/or erosions have been removed.

The actual removal consists of taking a tissue sample for histological examination and, most often, electrocoagulation or laser removal.

Important! It is this method that allows the most qualitative elimination of cervical erosion in the early stages and papillomas of the vaginal walls.

Treatment of papillomas in men

The principle of treatment is the same: removal of papillomas, anti-inflammatory treatment and increased immunity with the help of immunomodulators.

Treatment of papillomas in case of development of genital warts on the penis and scrotum, depending on the severity, can be treated by a urologist and a dermatologist.

Almost all common methods can be used to eliminate neoplasms.. . . However, surgical excision is performed only in cases of suspected precancerous conditions (Keir erythroplakia, Bowen's disease) or cancer.

The elimination of genital warts from the glans penis is desirable using high precision techniques, ie laser or radio waves.

Important! The use of cryodestruction or electrocoagulation can lead to the formation of a scar, which will negatively affect sexual function and create a cosmetic defect.

Clinical methods for the treatment and removal of papillomas

Observation! Choosing a method for removing papillomas depends on the type, size, location of the papillomas, individual characteristics and patient conditions. Usually, which type of removal is preferable in each case is determined by the doctor.


This is perhaps the most common removal technique that uses liquid nitrogen. Due to its relatively inexpensive cost, the procedure is widely used to eliminate all manifestations of HPV on the skin.Suitable for getting rid of all types of papillomas. . .

Laser papilloma removal

The high precision of the method allows it to be used in the development of papillomas on the eyelids, face, external and internal genitals, open areas of the skin and décolleté. Among the disadvantages is the high cost of the procedure.

radio wave removal

The method is based on the targeted action of high-frequency waves on the tissues of the body. At the same time, under high-frequency waves, tissue stratification occurs with minimal damage. The radio wave method is not inferior in precision to the laser and, unlike the laser, it can be used to remove large papillomas.


Cauterization of papillomas with high temperatures is widely used because of their location in the vagina, erosion of the cervix. The method affects all layers of mucous membranes and skin, whichespecially effective in treating precancerous conditions.

Medical treatment

Official medicine offers three groups of drugs for the treatment of HPV manifestations:

  • Keratolytics: salicylic acid; 13-cis-retinoic acid - contributes to the rejection of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, exfoliates the skin along with microorganisms that cause pathologies.
  • Immunostimulators: vitamins A, E, C; ginseng (extract) - boosts immunity to successfully resist the virus.
  • Antiviral: interferon alfa-2b - affects some types of pathogens.

Treatment of papillomas with folk remedies

Using the recipes belowacceptable only if the warts are located outside the anogenital area and the facial area.

In the presence of papilloma defects, the use of folk remedies is contraindicated

Do not use folk remedies if you are not sure whether the formation found is a papilloma or has wounds, defects, bruises, etc.

You prescribe

Traditional medicine recipes for removing papillomas are considered safe, but when using them, one should be aware that this procedure is time-consuming and the result can be zero. Some just don't have the patience to get things over with, but most of the time the papilloma, at best, doesn't respond to such treatment at all.

kerosene and nuts

To prepare an infusion of walnuts with kerosene, do the following:

  • Grind young walnuts and fill a 3 liter jar with 2/3 of them.
  • Fill the walnuts with kerosene.
  • Let the jar rest for three weeks in a dark place.
  • The resulting infusion carefully strains through gauze.

Apply to warts morning and night until they disappear.


Put the eggshells in the oven at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. After that, grind it to a powdery state.

Once every three days, sprinkle the papilloma with egg powder and fix it with a bandage. The procedure should be carried out within a few weeks.

castor oil

First, steam the wart in warm water. After that, dry and apply castor oil, rubbing in gradually. Seal the papilloma with a plaster for 2-3 hours, then remove the plaster and gently clean the top layer of the neoplasm. Repeat the procedure every two days. It especially helps with large, rough formations.


Find a celandine bush and break off a large branch from it. At the fracture site, you will see a yellow juice that stands out, which should be applied to the papillomas twice a day for 14 to 28 days.

Chicken eggs

Take a raw egg, crack it open and separate the white from the yolk. Dip a cotton swab or ear stick into the protein and lubricate the growths. The procedure should be repeated up to 4 times a day. It may take 1 to 2 months for complete healing.

Observation! The remedy is effective against several small warts.

washing powder

Lather the wart with a thick layer of washing powder, then cover it with a film or glue a bandage on top. The procedure should be carried out at night to wash off the soap composition only in the morning. As a rule, 4 procedures are enough to get rid of warts.The method has proven itself in the treatment of flat warts.


Peel a clove of garlic, crush it and mix it with flour in a ratio of 1: 1. Apply the resulting mixture with a layer of 2-3 mm on the growth and fix with a plaster. The procedure should be carried out in the morning and in the evening. Do not keep the garlic dressing for more than 4 hours.

oil blend

The most effective treatment for warts is tea tree oil in combination with aloe juice and purified water. Mixing ratio 2: 1: 1. Apply 3 times a day with a thin layer on neoplasms. If skin irritation occurs, reduce the amount of oil.This mixture is suitable for the treatment of genital warts..


Take a regular solution of iodine rubbing alcohol and apply it once a day to the papillomas, lubricating them generously. Repeat the procedure until the growths disappear completely.


At night, attach a piece of banana peel to the neoplasm with the inside and secure it with a band-aid. Depending on the size of the wart, the course of treatment can take anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks.


Moisten a cotton swab with table vinegar and attach it to the papilloma, securing it with a bandage. After an hour, the cotton must be removed to prevent burns. The procedure should be performed 2 to 4 times a day, depending on the size of the wart. The course of treatment should continue until the growths disappear.

dandelion tincture

Collect the stems and flowers of yellow dandelions, fill ¾ of a jar with them, and fill with vodka. Place the bottle for 3 weeks in a dark, cool, dry place, shaking once a day. Then, moisten a cotton swab in the tincture and stick it on the warts for 4 to 6 hours, twice a day. The treatment time will be from 2 weeks to 2 months.

Infusion of mountain ash and absinthe

Take the crushed wormwood root and dried rowan in a 1: 1 ratio. Brew the resulting mixture at the rate of 1 tbsp. one spoon of the mixture per 0. 5 liters of water. It is advisable to prepare the mixture in a thermos bottle to insist during the day.

Moisten the cotton with the resulting infusion and firmly fix it on the papilloma for 6 hours. This compress should be changed 3 times a day.