What remedy for warts and papillomas to choose from a large list of drugs in a pharmacy?

Benign skin growths appear when infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV). When choosing a remedy for warts and papillomas in a pharmacy, it is necessary to take into account the effect on the infection and on the upper layer of the skin. OTC drugs are milder and must be used for a long time to completely clear the skin.

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Self-removal of warts with alkaline solutions

It is recommended to soften a dense neoplasm before applying drugs with a compress or bath with warm water. You can make a lotion with a warm solution of baking soda. Then the solution or ointment will more easily penetrate cells infected with a viral infection. More aggressive substances destroy warts more quickly, but more often cause burns and irritation.

You should first consult a dermatologist so that the doctor can recommend, for example, a mild or aggressive remedy for hand warts in a pharmacy. The specialist will explain what are the advantages and disadvantages of one or another drug. It is also important to pay attention to the frequency of application, the need to pause between treatments with an aggressive solution. Healthy skin around the growth should be lubricated with baby ointment or sealed with plaster.

The dissolution of growths of viral origin can last from several days to several weeks.

A special remedy for warts in a pharmacy contains alkali. The caustic substance kills the skin cells that contain the virus. When applying liquid to the upper and lower leg of the skin tumor, the redness starts first, then the growth turns black and falls off. A small wart may disappear after an application of an alkaline solution, a large one needs to be moistened with liquid 2 to 5 times. After each treatment, breaks should be taken for 3-5 days.

Acids for the gradual dissolution of warts and papillomas

Liquid and ointment for external use more often than tablets are used at home. Preparations often contain antiseptics, antivirals and other active substances. They must soften the upper horny masses and penetrate infected skin cells. Salicylic, lactic, acetic and other acids cope well with this task. They have a keratolytic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, dissolve tissues affected by HPV.

The therapeutic patch must be fixed on the pathological area of the skin after 3 days can be removed. Before using this or another product with salicylic acid, it is necessary to steam the wart so that the top layer softens. Then it is recommended to rub the stratum corneum with a nail file or cut with nail scissors.

A salicylic acid solution or ointment is applied daily, fixed on top with a bandage or medical dressing. Getting rid of the wart can take several weeks or more. But it is a painless and safe treatment, with rare side effects. If there is irritation, redness, pain, burning, you should stop using the drug.

A solution for external use has a more aggressive effect. The liquid contains concentrated acids: nitric, acetic, oxalic, lactic and copper nitrate. The volume of the solution in the ampoule is 0. 2 ml, the price of the package is 670 rubles.

The solution is not recommended to be used alone, an aggressive liquid causes severe burns and tissue necrosis. To receive qualified assistance, you must contact the dermatologist's office, where the medical team will accurately and accurately process warts and papillomas using a special applicator or glass pipette.

Natural and related remedies for warts in a pharmacy

Naturopathic balm contains lactic acid, copper salts and plant extracts. By consistency, it is a cream-gel, which contains gums, resin of Siberian cedar, extracts of birch and pine shoots, mummy and stone oil. The tool has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and healing effect. The frequency of treatment of the affected areas of the skin is 2 to 5 times a day.

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The cream paste contains 40% urea (carbamide). This substance, like alkalis and acids, is a keratolytic agent. The cream softens the wart so that its keratinized part is easier to remove. It also contains glycyrrhizic acid, which reduces the activity of HPV.

The cream is applied to the wart in a thick layer, covered with a bandage folded 2-4 times on top. Fix this compress to the skin with a plaster. They are removed in a day, the softened wart is removed, washed with water. After several applications, the skin at the growth site is cleansed and evened out.

Freezing a wart with an aerosol

Freezing preparations contain dimethyl ether, which reduces the skin temperature to negative values. A tool for cryotherapy at home instantly freezes the wart (do not use on mucous membranes). The cold first causes the skin to whiten, there is a burning sensation and then redness. Fabrics exposed to the soda matrix. The wart after cooling with an aerosol gradually disappears in 7-14 days.

If inflammation starts, a therapeutic ointment can be applied to speed healing, prevent infection of the wound under the blister.

You can read on the forums a wide range of comments about the independent use of cryotherapy. It should be noted that the method is convenient for use at home, helps with warts, leaves no traces. Approximately every second review lists shortcomings such as the high price of an aerosol, relapses.

HPV treatment with interferon alfa

The papilloma virus affects areas of the body that are most exposed to sun, sweat and water. The infection penetrates through the smallest cracks and other microdamage. Compliance with personal hygiene only partially solves the problem of strengthening the body's defense against HPV.

It is necessary to strengthen the body's immune system, capable of resisting any type of infection.

Treatment of multiple warts that occur in the context of weakened protection against infections can be provided by pharmaceuticals with interferons. A modern drug is produced in the form of suppositories, ointments and gels. They contain alpha interferon, which suppresses the reproduction of viruses in cells, which has an immunomodulatory effect. It also contains the antioxidant vitamin E.

A drug is used for warts, herpetic lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. One review noted that the ointment treatment took 4 weeks. In the first half of this period, the ointment was applied to the plantar warts in the evening, sometimes the procedure was repeated in the morning. If you are patient and do not back down, after a month the warts fall off along with the root, new skin grows in their place.


The active substance in the wart medicine triggers the production of its own interferon alpha in the body, which provides effective protection against HPV. The tool is used to treat genital warts and other types, senile keratomas, molluscum contagiosum.

The cream for external use is applied every other day, before going to bed, so that the substance acts on the affected skin area for 6 to 10 hours. The duration of the therapeutic course is 3-4 months. Buyers in reviews point to this lack of funds as a high price.