How to Treat Penis Papillomas: The Best Ways

papillomas on the penis in men

Penis papillomas are a cause of great concern for many men of childbearing age. These formations are not only unaesthetic, but also potentially dangerous to health. And although the structures themselves are benign, the complications of the disease carry consequences until cancer develops. Therefore, it is extremely important for men to know where tumors can arise, what are the first symptoms of the pathology, how to treat papillomas in the penis. Early diagnosis and selection of the best treatment method will minimize the risk of complications and prevent the spread of the disease among the patient's relatives.

The reasons for the appearance of papillomas on the penis

3D hpc model

Genital growths appear only when the following factors are combined:

  • The man has been infected with the papilloma virus (in the penis after infection, for a long time, formations may not appear until the second factor takes effect).
  • The host organism's weakened immune system no longer contains the pathogen. The virus, when activated, begins to destructively affect the cell division process, which, as a result, leads to papilloma formation in the penis.
  • Infection occurs mainly through sexual contact, but cases of everyday virus transmission are not isolated. Warm and humid rooms are a favorable environment for microorganisms, therefore, public baths, saunas, gyms and locker rooms are likely sites of infection. A vertical route of infection is also distinguished when a boy is infected by his mother at the time of delivery. There were no cases of intrauterine infection in the child.

    As already noted, the presence of a virus in the body does not cause papilloma in the penis; treatment in this case will aim to support the patient's protective functions. But as soon as the body stops containing the pathology, nasty growths will start to appear on Organs genitals.

    Human protection functions fail when:

    • chronic diseases;
    • acute inflammatory processes;
    • long-term antibiotic treatment;
    • intoxication of the body with alcohol or other substances;
    • constant stress and overwork.
    Important! Barrier contraceptives do not provide a complete guarantee of protection against human papillomavirus infection. First, pathogenic microorganisms can even penetrate through the pores of synthetic materials. Second, the infection can occur in areas of the skin that are unprotected with a contraceptive, and a person, unaware of the disease, will become a carrier of the infection.

    How are papillomas on the penis?

    how are papillomas on the penis

    It is possible to detect a virus in its incubation period only with the help of specialized tests. But as soon as the disease enters the active phase, the first indirect signs will appear, and then the changes will be visible in the skin of the reproductive organ.

    The first symptoms of papilloma virus in the penis may be:

    • phimosis and excessive secretion in the folds of the foreskin of the penis;
    • inflammation of penile tissues;
    • erosion of tissues in the head.

    Over time, the patient will independently see unusual growths in Organs genitals. The appearance of the formations depends on the virus strain and the location of the papilloma in the penis:

    • in the foreskin- small size of the leg structure, the color practically does not differ from the skin color;
    • near the brake- small nipple-like growths, sometimes they can look like whitish pimples;
    • in the head- sharp growths of a light pink tone;
    • in the genital trunk- Bushke-Levinstein warts can form.
    Important! The first health problems should be the reason for an immediate consultation with the doctor. Isolated tumors grow over time and form large groups, completely or partially interrupting the organ's functions. Benign lesions can also be malignant.

    Features of the diagnosis of papillomas in the penis

    diagnosis of HPV in the body

    Before seeking information on how to treat penile papillomas, it is necessary to accurately diagnose the disease, as structures in the intimate area can be caused by various types of viruses. If you experience symptoms of the disease or after unprotected sexual intercourse, when infection is suspected, you should contact a urologist or dermatologist. The doctor will do a visual exam to identify growths and will also prescribe tests to determine the strain of the virus.

    For detailed diagnoses, it is necessary to pass:

    • general blood analysis;
    • PCR test;
    • urinary tract secretion cytology;
    • tissue formation biopsy (mandatory if oncotransformation is suspected).

    In some cases, additional consultations with an immunologist, endocrinologist, and oncologist may be necessary. Only based on the results of a complete diagnosis, the best method will be established on how to remove papillomas on the penis.

    Important! A test for the presence of HPV should be done in men who are at risk (often changing sexual partners, with chronic illnesses, when other genital infections are diagnosed). Early detection of the virus will prevent papillomas in the penis.

    The Best Ways to Treat Penis Papillomas

    The treatment of papilloma in the penis must be carried out without fail. Ignoring the problem is the cause of inflammatory processes in the intimate area, pain during intercourse and over time and with any movement - bleeding, degeneration in oncostructures. It must be understood that the papilloma virus cannot be completely removed from the body. However, choosing the best treatment method will allow you to forget about the problem for a long time. Modern medicine has a rich arsenal of ways to remove papillomas from the penis. On the doctor's recommendation, antiviral therapy is prescribed, as well as formation-destructive agents. You can use hardware methods to remove the neoplasm. Some people prefer to use alternative medicine recipes. But before using these formulations, it is still better to consult a doctor.

    Treatment of penile papillomas with medication

    drug treatment for penile papillomas

    Removing papillomas on the penis will alleviate the discomfort, but such actions will not be able to prevent the appearance of new formations. To locate the virus, it is necessary to ingest a set of medications prescribed by a doctor. As a rule, the following are assigned:

    • oral antiviral. . .
    • Immunostimulants and immunomodulators. . .

    Today, it is also possible to remove papillomas from the penis with the aid of medicinal formulations. Medicines have a local effect on tissues.

    Drug therapy takes several weeks (up to 3), as long as the patient strictly follows the medical prescriptions. The treatment regimen is prescribed by the physician individually in each case.

    Hardware removal of penile papillomas

    hardware removal of penile papillomas

    The question of how to remove papillomas in the penis remains relevant despite viable drug treatment. And if oral administration of antivirals and immunomodulators prevents the development of new formations and chemical exposure can overcome single growths, then large formations or groups of them must be removed by radical methods:

    • radio wave surgery. . . Today it is considered an advanced technology to combat unwanted structures. Removal of papilloma from the penis is quick, precise, almost painless. The number of sessions is specified by the physician.
    • laser therapy. . . Allows to eliminate papillomas in the penis through a directed beam of high temperature, a small crust remains in the growth site, which will disappear with time. The cost of the procedure is quite high, but at the same time it is practically painless, even taking into account the very sensitive location of the formation.
    • cryodestruction. . . It is used to remove large formations, after destruction a dense crust remains, which disappears after a few weeks.
    • electrocoagulation. . . The method cannot be considered the best due to its pain, but at the same time it allows to eliminate papillomas in the penis with a minimal probability of recurrence, while the procedure is within everyone's reach, the cost per session is low.

    Classic surgery is used in cases where the reproductive organ is almost completely covered with tumors or when there is a risk of developing cancer. This operation will require a long period of rehabilitation, but it will still leave scars. The cost of surgery is calculated individually.

    Popular Remedies for Fighting Penis Papillomas

    tea tree oil to combat penile papillomas

    If papillomas appear on the penis, you can use the following methods:

    • regular application of tea tree oil until the build-up is completely eliminated;
    • rub formations with egg white;
    • propolis compresses.

    Compressions and rubs should be done at least twice a day on a regular basis until the problem completely disappears. In some cases, this treatment can take up to 2 months.

    Traditional medicine also has a list of other recipes on how to get rid of papillomas on the penis, including vinegar, rowan juice and celandine juice in formation.

    It is necessary to use such formulations with great care, as the delicate skin close to the pathogenic structure can suffer.

    Penis papillomas are a disease that cannot be ignored. Complications of these structures can be bleeding, inflammation of the genital organ and, in the worst case, tissue oncotransformation. Early diagnosis will allow you to deal with the problem quickly and determine the method of treating penile papilloma. So far, many good ways have been developed to fight papillomas, but the most effective method is selected individually. The doctor will select the best methods (medication, hardware, folk or their combinations) based on the patient's condition