How to get rid of papillomas in the body quickly and permanently?

If a mole adorns a woman, then a papilloma is certainly not the most pleasant and even dangerous "decoration". How to eliminate papillomas from the body, is it necessary to remove them and what do they usually represent? Let's find out.

What causes papillomas in the body

A small brown tumor on the skin, in the shape of a drop or papilla, and from a distance it looks like a wart - this is a papilloma, most of the times its sizes are 2 to 10 mm. By nature, it is a benign tumor that has developed from the squamous epithelium. And already a word "tumor" should alert. And for good reason!

The reason for the appearance of papillomas in the human body

The appearance of such formations in the human body is caused by a special virus, a "guest" very common in society - the human papillomavirus (or an abbreviation - HPV). How is the human papillomavirus transmitted? To become an involuntary carrier of the virus, you don't have to do anything harmful - you just need to be born to an infected mother or visit a public place like a sauna, swimming pool, bath, where the virus easily enters the body through small skin lesions(scratches, open pimples, etc. )) It is also possible to become infected by touching a human carrier. But perhaps the most common cause of infection is sexual intercourse.

HPV carriers represent 2/3 of the world population! In addition, the virus cannot be cured or at least no cure has been found so far. The virus does not enter the bloodstream and the deep layers of the skin serve as its habitat; HPV is located inside cells. When the virus "matures", it travels to the infected epithelium, emerging on the surface. As a rule, it does not penetrate DNA, so it is a benign tumor. But sometimes the virus still manages to integrate with DNA, so we're talking about oncology.

For now, the virus (or herpes, as it is usually called) sleeps in the host's body, waiting for the immune system to weaken its defenses and make itself felt.

Human papilloma virus: symptoms

How do they show up? Depending on the location, several types of papillomas are distinguished, respectively, and their symptoms. In general, there are about 600 species of strains of these small "cosmetic flaws in the body". The main ones are:

  1. Simple papilloma (common warts) - mainly affects the skin of the fingers, palms and feet. They are often called spines. Most often disturbed by teenagers and children.
  2. Flat papilloma - usually located on the face and predominantly on the skin of adolescents. It looks like acne in appearance.
  3. Genital warts - a rice-shaped lump that affects the skin of Organs genitals or the area around the anus. Anogenital papillomas, in most cases, occur in people under the age of 35, as a rule, among those who initiated an early sexual life, often change partners or enjoy unprotected anal sex.
  4. Similar to threads - in fact, they are always called papillomas (or spots on the leg - in ordinary people), not thorns or warts. Neck, groin, armpits, face (even the eyelids) - it is difficult to predict the place of appearance of the filiform papilloma. These growths appear in adults and can cause a lot of discomfort.
  5. There are also internal papillomas that affect the larynx, trachea, oral cavity and tongue, urethra, etc. External symptoms often do not manifest at all, the growths can only be detected during the examination and ultrasound.

Don't believe the Internet asks to buy a miracle - drugs against parasites, in the process of which the papillomas disappear! HPV and the same helminths have little to do with each other! Only a seriously compromised immune system can trigger the release of tumors in the skin. Parasites and viruses are different phenomena!

Mole or papilloma? How to distinguish

The main difference between some of the others is the source of the source. If papillomas are a manifestation of a virus (HPV), then a spot is an accumulation of pigment under the skin. Papilloma - acquired. And a mole is congenital, its location is often transmitted genetically: if a parent has one, for example, above the lip, it can appear in a child, hard to touch and not convex, or slightly convex, and the papillomait is loose, soft.

Papillomas on the neck

And what happens if the papilloma and the birthmark are pulled out? Both will bleed, but the mole will recover after a while, by the way, it is also a benign neoplasm and is perfectly capable of being reborn in a papilloma (with frequent mechanical damage, for example, or with an exacerbation of HPV in an immunity context)reduced), and a papilloma is unlikely.

Papillomas in a TV photo

How to treat human papillomavirus

HPV cannot be cured, but the virus can be silenced by increasing the body's immune defenses to the appropriate level. Doctors are struggling only with the consequences of HPV. General therapy is prescribed, for example, with the location of papillomas in the anogenital region. Immunomodulators and drugs with a spectrum of antiviral action are the main ways to combat the consequences of the virus. The external manifestations of HPV - papillomas - can be removed by surgery, cosmetic means or traditional medicine.

Human papillomavirus in women - treatment

If a woman is diagnosed with HPV, this can explain many of her health problems. Therefore, the human papillomavirus in women in gynecology is a serious threat to the development of cervical cancer. A vaccine has been developed that is already being used in adolescents and young women. However, it has not yet been proven that it actually saves from oncology, and the consequences of its action may seem unknown as to when and how. According to rumors, the vaccine has just been tested and the girls are guinea pigs of foreign pharmacologists.

HPV is often the cause of miscarriages, miscarriages or infertility. Externally, the human papillomavirus in women has the most common symptoms - neoplasms on the skin, as well as herpes - so familiar to many colds on the lips, but laboratory tests of a blood sample help to accurately determine the presence of the virus.

Purely aesthetic discomfort is the most common reason women want to be cured of cosmetic imperfections. Which doctor should I consult for papillomas? For a dermatovenerologist or plastic surgeon. But if the cancer is of poor quality, only an oncologist can help.

Human papillomavirus in men: treatment

HPV also causes many problems for men. Perhaps the most serious of these are papillomas in the bladder and ureters. The pain can be annoying when going to the bathroom "a little" and blood appears in the urine. In this case, the formations are capable of affecting the epidermis of the penis, which makes sexual contact painful and, visually, this is not the most pleasant view. How to treat papillomas in intimate locations will tell the urologist, which should be visited if they are found on the penis. In other cases, a dermatologist will help.

Removal of papillomas at home

Do I need to remove papillomas from the body? Yes, sometimes it is even necessary. Sometimes, these growths seriously damage the life of your host. For example, a formation on the eyelids can cause blurred vision and a wart on the tongue can make food painful and discomfort when speaking. There are several ways to treat papillomas in the body.

Professional approach

You can remove the accumulations with:

  • - the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about half a minute for each papilloma;
  • radio waves - a special device has a sparing effect on the entire body, but deals with papillomas no worse than a laser;
  • liquid nitrogen - the formation freezes and disappears, but the method is not suitable for manipulations on the face or with sensitive skin;
  • The surgical scalpel is a very painful and outdated method.

Funds for pharmacies

It is also possible to remove papillomas at home, especially as pharmaceuticals facilitate removal. It is not difficult to find a medicine for medicines in a pharmacy, the price of which is suitable for any wallet, the choice is very wide. You can choose a good remedy to remove papillomas at a pharmacy, relying on ads or advice from a pharmacist. A papilloma pencil was unjustly forgotten, the analyzes of this tool confirm its effectiveness and its cost is symbolic. The silver nitrate in the composition of this product not only helps to remove the papilloma itself, but also has a local antibacterial effect and reduces the risk of allergic manifestations.

A little magic. . .

How to remove papillomas at home if tools are not available? The magic will help! At least, they say that if you believe in the power of the word, then it will certainly help. It is necessary to read the conspiracy of papillomas on the coming moon. At midnight, leaving for the patio, touch the affected area of ​​the body with a scarlet thread with knots according to the number of formations and whisper:

My newest month!
Take all my warts with you!

The wire should then be buried in the ground. When the wire deteriorates, the warts will go away.

Traditional medicine

The treatment of papillomas with folk remedies is very common, and the most effective ones are described below.

  1. Castor oil for papillomas. Comments say it is very effective. For the treatment, you will need castor oil and patience, as it will not be possible to remove papillomas at home quickly with this remedy - the course lasts about a month. The heated oil (two drops) is rubbed gently on the problem area, massaging the movements for at least 7 minutes 3 to 5 times a day during the day. You can speed up the effect of the oil by applying it to a cotton swab, applying it on growth and sealing with plaster for 3-4 days.
  2. Tea tree oil for papillomas is another good remedy for unpleasant growth. The oil is applied to a cotton ball or gauze, applied to the formation and fixed with plaster. "Compress" is changed up to 3 times a day. A week later, the papilloma falls. With the help of tea tree oil, you can quickly get rid of papillomas at home, in the intimate areas of the body - the oil has an antibacterial effect and does not cause irritation. In addition to tea tree oil, externally you can use thuja oil, lavender and lemon, they are applied punctually drop by drop 2-3 times a day for a month.
  3. Papillomas powder soap, the reviews guarantee - the tool is cheap, but deals with them with a bang. It contains a lot of sodium and potassium salts, which are harmful to warts. It is necessary to make soap applications daily - at night for a month. A dense layer of soap is placed on the affected area and fixed with plaster or bandage.
  4. Thread or hair of papillomas. If you bandage the tumor at the base with a thread or hair, it will lose its blood supply and die within days.
  5. Garlic is a very effective remedy for dealing with papillomas with folk remedies. Chop some garlic cloves and mix with the cream. 25-30 applications before going to bed - nothing will remain from the build-up. You can do it a little differently. Crush a clove, mix the porridge with the flour, make cookies. Apply for 3-4 hours and then rinse. Therefore, to be treated for 1 month.
  6. Mixture alcohol - acetylsalicylic. You need to take 50 ml of alcohol and 2 g of salicylic ester of acetic acid, 3 drops of iodine and 1 g of boric acid. All of this is mixed and kept in the refrigerator. Apply daily, lubricating the growths.
  7. How to remove papillomas from the body? Traditional medicine recommends taking 100-200 ml of potato juice 30 minutes before meals. The most effective juice is made from red potatoes, must be freshly prepared and consumed for at least 2-3 months. It is best to do this at the beginning of the potato harvest, and this is the beginning of summer and autumn. Papillomas will disappear quickly. Along with potato juice, it is good to drink choleretic herbs (wormwood, elecampane, immortela, nettle, St. John's wort, dandelion, plantain - 1 tablespoon of herbs in a glass of boiling water). Divide this portion into one day, drink 3 to 4 servings with juice. Choleretic herbs help the liver, which acts as a filter in the body. If a virus has entered the body, the immune body helps to "catch it", it is retained in the liver and excreted. All of these processes involve bile. The course of taking herbal juice is 10 to 15 procedures, a month - rest, then another choleretic herb is connected to the juice. The effect will be better if the infusion for consumption is heated to 40 degrees.
  8. Celandine against papillomas is the most famous remedy. This plant is familiar to everyone from childhood, but it also helps against warts. Celandine to remove papillomas requires patience, the treatment itself is simple. The growth is greased with the juice of a torn leaf, after a few minutes they touch the papilloma with a new leaf. Therefore, in one procedure, do 3-4 times, several sessions a day. The course is 2-3 days in a row, the growth itself slows down.
  9. From the celandine tincture morning and night, you can make applications. It should be cooked like this: put 3 tablespoons in half a glass of vodka. fresh celandine herbs, top up with cold boiled water, pour into a jar, close tightly, refrigerate for 5 days (stir occasionally). Then - strain, wet pieces of cotton, apply to problem areas. Cover the top with plastic wrap, strengthen with adhesive tape, rinse with cold water after 15 minutes and, when dry, spread baby cream. After a month, the skin is completely clean.
  10. You can use dandelion juice or buttercup (it's poisonous! ). Or cut a Kalanchoe sheet, lubricate the problem area for 10 days straight, 2 to 3 times.
  11. A proven remedy is fresh chicken egg white. Wet a cotton swab and lubricate the wounds well up to 6 times a day. After 7 days, the formations will begin to dry, after a few weeks they will disappear completely.
  12. Chop 3 green peeled walnuts and mix with 1 tbsp. kerosene. The dough should have the consistency of sour cream. Apply before pouring in a thick layer on the affected areas, cover with aluminum foil, fix with plaster and remove after 30 minutes. It doesn't smell very good, but everything disappears after a week.

There are many ways to get rid of papillomas, but it is better to prevent HPV infection than to eradicate the external manifestations of the disease later. Remember that the cause of the disease is in the body. It is important not to confuse other dangerous skin lesions with them. Sometimes it is recommended to just leave them alone, so as not to touch them. In some cases, they decrease, eventually disappear on their own.

If, however, HPV has not bypassed you, you should not panic - this is not a shameful disease, it is not life-threatening and you can fight it easily if you maintain immunity, adhere to a stylehealthy lifestyle and enrich your diet with vitamins.